Let me briefly introduce the company.

Aria Group Nepal is an innovation engine carrying the vision of building a better tomorrow together, through strengthening management, advancing technology, and building brands. Let me break it down for you, we have three different sets of companies under a single roof: Aria Technologies (you are applying to be its team member), Aria Solutions, and 101 (One oh One) Creatives. We work collaboratively, learn from each other, and have some coffee together!

Since its inception in April 2019, we have been providing our services to business houses, educational institutions, INGOs, Banks, and Financial Institutions. To name some notable ones, our direct and indirect partners and clients include corporate houses: Katman’Du Coffee, TATA motors, educational institutions: Nepal Police School, financial institutions: Muktinath Bikas Bank, Prabhu Bank, Mero Microfinance, NMB Bank, Machhapuchhre Bank, and International agencies: UNCDF, Asia Foundation, Mercy Corps and Oxfam.

Here is a one-liner for you regarding Aria Tech since you will be a major part of it – ‘It has generally provided Software as a Service (SAAS) focusing on Fintech, Edtech, Web, and Mobile application development.’ The primary line of business is ‘Software as a service’.

Now let’s talk about what we expect from an ideal candidate. We really value someone who is willing to go the extra mile for their own development and in the process is a team player. We believe your growth will ultimately help the company. So, if you think the job description doesn’t fit you, think twice, we value a curiosity to learn and work in a team as well. I am speaking from my experience!

Ok, here are the details that have been used to seeing in the job application: Job Description! In the above ‘an ideal candidate’ mentioned paragraph, we mentioned about the human side, let’s dissect the technical skill side:

  • You believe in cleanliness and scalability while coding in .NET
  • You are well acquainted with Web Technologies like ASP Core, ASP MVC
  • You have at least a basic understanding of modern Javascript Frameworks like Vue, React, Angular ( We prefer VueJS)
  • You can be a team player as well as believe in collective leadership
  • You can design a database (preferably MSSQL) and write Stored Procedures
  • You are acquainted with the software development life cycle
  • You have an understanding of Web Technologies like HTML, Javascript (JS), CSS and a basic understanding of JS frameworks
  • You are familiar with working with APIs
  • You have the right mentality for analytical and problem-solving thinking

I haven’t mentioned Github, project management tools, and other functional skill sets, because we believe you have understood the value of being a good developer. So, after describing what we want from a candidate, let me guide you through on what we offer:

  • A workstation just for you
  • Paid leave & Holiday Leave facility
  • Festival bonus
  • Free lunch
  • Collaborative learning environment
  • Opportunity to learn the workings of three different sets of companies
  • Personal financial management training
  • Open space for nurturing your ideas

I hope you have decided by now.
If yes, send us your CV at hr@aria.com.np by the 15th of January 2021.

After screening the CV, we will call you for an interview which might include a technical assessment of your skills.