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Featured Products from Aria

Aria has built different products ranging from edtech, fintech, financial products and so on as per the demand of the client. However the products mentioned in this page are primarily its own products. It ranges from edtech to fintech.


Qbex is a trusted school management software being used by 15 different clients. It is a web and mobile based management information system that digitalizes the process, data and communication management of educational institutions with seamless integration.


Sampatti is a mobile based digital finance manager app with financial literacy contents. It covers aspects such as income, expenses, budgeting, loan management, savings, insurance, investment and retirement planning.


Mizani is a combination of different software modules that manages information related to agriculture loan application, appraisal, credit-scoring, record-keeping, monitoring and reporting. These modules can be customized as per the requirement of the Banks and Financial Institutions.

Munshi G

MunshiG is a digital agriculture cash book management app. Cash management is vital for any business and the success or failure of businesses depend on it. Smallholder farmers are often confused about whether or not to consider farming as a business.